10 breathtaking photos of the Wild Coast like you’ve never seen it before!

South Africa’s Wild Coast truly is a place to visit if you want to escape it all. In this coastal paradise, golden sunlight kisses grassy green hills, a rough and rugged coastline meets sheltered lagoons and between craggy cliffs, tumbling waterfalls and patches of indigenous forest offer cool and verdant shelter. On the Wild Coast, life is simple, its pace set by the rising and setting of the sun and the endless rhythms of the seasons. It is a place of healing, a place of solace and incredible rugged beauty.

In this post we pay homage to the natural beauty of the Wild Coast. Pictures speak louder than words, so here are ten of our favorite images of all time.

wild coast surfers
Surfers get ready to paddle out for arguably the most beautiful session of their lives
wild coast lwandile aloes
Aloes cling precariously to the sandstone edge at Lwandile, another Wild Coast gem.
wild coast sunset
A hut silhouetted against the fading pink and gold sunset skies
wild coast rocky coastline
Early morning light bathes a rocky shoreline. Look for a while at the warmth of the light on the rocks and imagine yourself standing there, with the new day warming your face and the salt air cool on your skin
wild coast xhosa lady
The Wild Coast is as much about the people living there as it is about the scenery. A Mpondo lady uses the pont to cross the mightly Kei River, her face painted with clay as a protection from the sun and coastal winds
wild coast coffee bay cliff
A favorite sundowner spot, the grass-covered cliffs that fringe the Wild Coast offer spectacular views to the beaches below
wild coast lwandile
The blue sky of a calm winter’s day on the Wild Coast juxtaposes with the red of the flowering aloes that decorate the shoreline
wild coast cliff jump
Ready, steady, jump! Cliff jumping off the Mapuzi Cliffs into the sea below is a huge thrill for the adventure-seeker
wild coast view
What a welcoming sight – light bathes the grasslands and thicket while your eye is drawn towards an empty and beckoning coastline
wild coast beach
Sunrise is a wondrous time anywhere on the coast, but nowhere more so than here on the empty, unspoiled beaches of the Wild Coast

Interested in seeing more of the incredible Wild Coast? Read about our hunt for sunken treasure, and find out all you need to know about hiking the coastline or searching for hidden waterfalls.

All images Bevan Langley.

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  1. Beautiful scenes. Thanks Bevan. I’ve never managed to get to the Wild Coast – more the West Coast but these scenes have inspired to definitely add to my bucket list. All the best

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