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5 bush webcams to take your mind off work today

It’s not easy getting yourself to the office on a Monday morning knowing that you are at the farthest end of your weekend countdown. Well perhaps these live streaming bush webcams can help you take your mind off the grind for a little while… 

Exploring Monkeys: Telo Islands, Indonesia

Every surfer has heard about the Mentawai Islands in Indonesia. How could you not? Iconic waves like Macaronis and Telescopes have featured in any number of surf videos and magazine articles ever since they were first discovered. But visiting the Mentawai Islands doesn’t exactly look like the photos anymore. Empty lineups are fast becoming a […]

Barberton Geotrail: All you need to know

Barberton, a small unassuming town in Mpumalanga’s Kruger Lowveld region, is world-famous for two different reasons. The first is for Golden Quarry, the world’s richest gold mine, where as the joke goes the rock had to be removed from the gold! The second, and more significant, is for the treasures of the Barberton Geotrail.

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