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Bevan and Jill

Bevan Langley
Adventure Tour Guide

Jill Langley
Marine Biologist and Travel Writer

You need an adventure

We were bored.

Bored of the ebb and flow of everyday life. Bored with grinding through the week only to waste our weekends binge-watching TV shows and feeling flat by the time Monday came around. Stuck in an uninspiring eddy of predictability and nonchalance.

We decided to do something about it. Something big. Something ridiculous. Something adventurous.

We got some friends together and struck out to find a fabled beach in Mozambique that we had all heard of but had no idea how to get to. It was in a remote part of the country and extremely difficult to access. It was just the challenge we needed to punch our boredom square on the nose.

We spent weeks poring over maps and charts, plotting out possible routes and collecting the various adventure essentials we'd need. All the while, anticipation of the expedition fueled our conversations in the day and coloured our dreams at night.

Finally, armed with a folder of hand-written directions, poorly drawn maps and a healthy dose of wanderlust, our small band crossed the border and edged into terra incognita.

It was a grueling trek through soft-sand tracks, grumpy hippos and ferocious gangs of feral cows, all while the harsh African sun beat down on our weary heads.

Landrover 4x4 Mozambique

We traversed open plains, spiny forests and undulating hills until we finally came to rest at the foot of a mighty sand dune. We flopped out of the car and rushed to the top of the dune to get our first glimpse of paradise.

It was wonderful!

Deep blue skies, crystal clear waters, and miles of dune-fringed coastline to explore.


Jill at Bella Rocha secret beach

From the day we started planning to the moment our travel-tired toes sank into the sand, we had been on one heck of an adventure! We'd broken the bonds of boredom, bust down the door of dullness and tramped on the toes of tedium.

We felt alive.

Do you feel bored? Tired of feeling like you're missing out? Do you need an adventure?

It's time to break that cycle - and we'll show you how.

Over the years we've struck out on all kinds of expeditions around southern Africa and the world in search of wonderful adventures. While we may not hand-draw our maps anymore, we still love to share our routes, tips and guides with as many people as we can.

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Don't let that eddy of boringness keep you indoors. Come on out and join us as we Stray Along the Way.