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Bevan Langley
Adventure Tour Guide

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Jill Langley
Marine Biologist and Travel Writer

We are Bevan and Jill, a husband and wife team originally from South Africa but currently living in Taiwan.

Bevan and Jill swimming on the Golden Grotto hike.

Growing up in South Africa almost certainly means a life of outdoor activity, and that was definitely the case for both of us. From hiking to surfing to weekends in game reserves, our lives revolved around the outdoors, and it was fantastic!

Bevan worked for many years in the tourism industry as an overland and nature guide throughout southern and eastern Africa, while Jill took to the scientific world of marine biology.

But as you grow up, life has a curious habit of getting very cluttered very quickly and before we knew it, we were settling into a very sedentary existence.

Something had to change!

We knew from growing up in the outdoors that the only cure for an insular life of boredom was to get outside and embrace adventure. So we did a few things to stem the tide:

  1. We got married (quite an adventure in itself!)
  2. We quit our jobs, and
  3. We packed our lives into a 4×4 and headed off on a 9 month road trip around South Africa.
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We started this blog to keep ourselves accountable to our commitment to get outdoors and enjoy the natural world as much as possible. At first it was just a diary to post regular updates from our trip, but as time went on, and as the trip ended, it grew into something so much more. Something beyond just the two of us.

We found that we were attracting like-minded people, discontent with all things sedentary and eager to embrace the outdoors and adventure.

These days our humble little blog seeks inspire and teach others how to spend more time outdoors and maximize those precious moments in the natural world through detailed adventure guides; tips, tricks and how-to articles as well as some adventure stories from ourselves and others who have inspired us.

We’ve also had the pleasure of getting to work with some incredible outdoor and adventure organizations.

It’s been quite the journey from road tripping around South Africa, to cycling the southern coast of Mozambique, to racing a professional trail runner up a mountain, and even sleeping with the Big 5.

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