Adventure time: Getting ready to Stray Along The Way

Hi all! And welcome to our new adventure blog: Stray Along the Way

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The start of something new

A few months ago I got married to a wonderful woman named Jill, and we decided that, while we’re still young and largely unattached to anything, we should go on a big adventure!

So we handed in our notice at the office, and started planning.

But before I get too far into my story, perhaps a little background…

How did we get here?

Jill and I both come from an awesome little city on the east coast of South Africa called Durban. We’ve grown up here and, while it certainly has its downs, its up’s are exceedingly more attractive and make living in Durban totally worthwhile.

Growing up as we did, we both learned to love the outdoors and tried to find adventure whenever we could. When I was 18 years old, I became a tour guide working on overland safaris as well as on surfing tours around Southern and Eastern Africa. Jill took a more scientific path into Marine Biology, so when the time came for us to decide on what to do next with our lives, it was obviously going to involve some kind of adventure.

And that brings us to where we are today – unencumbered with everywhere to go and everything to see. Oh, and unemployed and without an income for the next 8 months.

The deep end

Our current state of affairs is what is affectionately referred to as “the deep end” and we seem to have willingly thrown ourselves into it.

But we are not without a life jacket, so to speak. Jill and I plan on using our skills in photography, social media advertising and story-telling to turn our adventure-seeking into something beyond just a perpetual holiday – although that would be quite nice too.

For the past few weeks, we have been in the process of marketing ourselves to various brands and companies from around South Africa as a “travelling duo of photographic guns for hire.” And from the looks of it, we may be on to something.

Bevan photographing the Elephant Coast in KwaZulu-Natal.

Onward to adventure

In exactly 3 weeks we’ll be leaving on our biggest adventure yet! We start with a short stint in Indonesia for some rest and relaxation, and then head back to South Africa for a 9-month, expedition around all the major attractions in the country.

What will unfold over the course of the next few months will our best interpretation of a life worth living and we welcome you to join us for the ride.

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So, if you think that following a couple of hapless newly-weds as they bumble their way around the world is something you can get into, then we look forward to having you along for the ride.

Bevan and Jill

Bevan and Jill stray along the way through the Golden Gate National Park.

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