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I was feeling very excited!

I had just taken out an ad in the latest edition of a very popular tourism publication.

Seeing as my business was in the adventure space and relied on the holiday crowds, I was feeling very confident that I’d made the right move.

Whilst the ad was incredibly expensive, the sales clerk had promised me that it would be seen by hundreds of thousands of readers, and that I’d have more business than I could handle – hence all the excitement.

The results?

No emails.

No calls.

No customers.

Even after months of waiting – not a single response.

All that money – wasted!

I felt a little cheated, but, to be honest, I had gotten what I had paid for. Hundreds of thousands of eyes had seen my ad – the problem was, those eyes never converted into feet through the door.

It wasn’t until much later that I found out why…

Qualified leads

As a tourism-reliant business, the kind of person I needed to reach was someone who was busy planning their holiday and looking for things to do when they got into town.

This kind of person would be looking for businesses like mine.

This is what is called a qualified lead – someone who is actively seeking what you are selling.

By taking out an ad in a tourism publication, whilst I was advertising in my niche, I was only putting myself in front of casual readers – not qualified leads.

How about you?

When you advertise your company, are you speaking to qualified leads? Or are you being glossed over by casual readers who aren’t really interested in what you offer because they aren’t in that critical stage of actively seeking what you are selling?

How would things be different if you could offer your products or services to qualified leads?

You would probably:

  1. Spend way less on your marketing.
  2. Deal with fewer dead leads.
  3. Increase your rate of sales.

So, now that I knew who to look for, I just needed to know where to find them – or more specifically, where they were going to seek out businesses like mine. And after a bit of digging, I found exactly what I was looking for…

Finding the seeker

Research suggests that most people start their holiday planning phase by using a search engine like Google.

Search terms like “things to do in …”, or “attractions in …” are some of the most popular keywords that people use when they start planning a holiday.

Some people know more specifically what they would like to do and use more targeted search phrases to find more information.

This means that if your website can show up at the top of these search results pages, you will be found by the most qualified leads you can get – people actively planning their holiday and looking for companies like yours.

Only one problem…

It is hard to get to the top of Google’s search results pages – really hard!

Just Google “things to do in [your town]” and see what comes up.

Are you on the first page?

The chances are that you aren’t – and isn’t that just so frustrating! Now you know exactly who to look for and where they are going to find businesses like yours, but you just can’t get access to them because you’re nowhere to be seen.

You could hire someone to do SEO and try to improve your website’s rankings – but that takes a lot of time and isn’t a guarantee.

You could pay for search engine advertising, but that requires a lot of time and attention to make sure you’re attracting the right clicks and not wasting money.

Wouldn’t it be great to just piggyback on someone else who’s already performing well for these searches?

Well, that’s where we come in…

Introducing Stray Along The Way.

Stray Along The Way is an online repository of Adventure Guides and Resources that are organized by:


Example: Sentinel Peak Hiking Trail


Example: St Lucia

This means that our content is specifically optimized for people planning their holiday and actively searching for businesses that can make their trip amazing.

In other words… We serve a seeking audience.

Because our content serves this seeking audience, we rank extremely well for many adventure and tourism related search terms.

In fact 80% – 90% of our web traffic comes from Google searches alone.

Just type “Sentinel Peak Hike” or “things to do in st lucia kzn” into Google and see if you find us on the first page.

Pretty cool, right?

With this kind of presence at the top of popular search results pages, it’s easy to see just why we are continuously attracting qualified leads.

So, how does this benefit you?

It’s far easier to piggyback on someone who is already succeeding at the thing you need.

We’re offering you a chance do just that.

Advertise with us

Advertise your business on one (or many) of our popular adventure and destination guides with a variety of banners including:


Responsive blocks that look great on desktop and mobile devices.

Sidebar squares

A prominent space that shows up at the top of all content pages.

Classified banners

Small banners that display your logo and link to your website.

Only show ads on the content that is most relevant to your business.

For example: If you make hiking boots, you can choose to only display your ads on our “Hiking Adventure Guides”.

Or, if you are an estate agent in St Lucia, you can choose to only display your ads on the “St Lucia Destination Page” and “Adventure Guides” that pertain to that town.

Check out these examples from our current advertisers:


Our Pay Once structure from as little as R500/year makes accessing our qualified leads simple and easy!

How our pricing works


Choose your ad spaces

Choose from our collection of ad spaces on the content that is most relevant to your business to ensure you engage the most qualified leads.


Choose your duration

Decide how long you’d like your ads to run for. Anything from 1 month to 1 year.


Pay once

We calculate your cost based on our previous period’s performance. Know what you owe ahead of time. No surprises and no hidden costs.

Get started

  • Only pay once.
  • Never pay for traffic spikes.
  • No hidden costs.
  • Meet and exceed your expectations.

If your business benefits from tourism in your area, then this is an incredible opportunity!

What you get:

  • Get your business in front of the thousands of qualified leads that visit our highly popular adventure guides and resources every day.
  • Be seen by people at the most critical stage of their planning phase.
  • No need to understand SEO, SEM or other complicated online marketing strategies.


Not at all – Our costing structure means that we set the price at the very beginning so you know exactly what to expect when you pay. Any spikes in traffic will be a bonus for you.

We can provide analytics on your ads according to your preferred schedule. Receive stats monthly, quarterly, or yearly. It’s up to you.

Either of these options is fine. If you’d rather design your own ads, then that’s perfectly fine. If you don’t have access to a design team, we can help you put something together that looks attractive and communicates well to our audience.

Ready to access qualified leads?

  • Only pay once.
  • Never pay for traffic spikes.
  • No hidden costs.
  • Meet and exceed your expectations.