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God’s Window on Mpumalanga’s Panorama Route

The breathtaking vistas from God’s Window in Mpumalanga are one of the highlights for visitors to the Panorama Route.

Bevan at God's Window view point.
Take in panoramic vistas towards Kruger National Park from the highest viewpoint at God’s Window.
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What is the Panorama Route?

The Panorama Route is a roughly 160 km route in Mpumalanga, that runs between Lydenburg and the border of Mpumalanga and Limpopo near the Echo Caves. It includes the Long Tom Pass, one of South Africa’s most scenic mountain passes, and the Blyde River Canyon, the third largest canyon in the world. It follows the descent of the Great Escarpment to the Lowveld below, and is home to a number of sites of incredible natural beauty. God’s Window in the southern extremity of the Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve is one of the most famous natural features along the Panorama Route and is well worth a visit.

The sun sets along the Panorama Route, home to the largest man-made forest in the world.

Visiting God’s Window

God’s Window is located on the R534 approximately 9 km from Graskop. It’s nearest Panorama Route attractions are the Lisbon Falls and Berlin Falls, and the Blyde River Canyon.

Bevan at Lisbon Falls Mpumalanga
A view from the bottom of the Lisbon Falls near Graskop.

On the edge of a cliff face that drops a dizzying 700+ m to the ground below, God’s Window offers spectacular views from the edge of the Great Escarpment (Drakensberg) across the Kruger National Park to the distant Lebombo Mountains on the border with Mozambique. This sheer cliff edge stretches relatively unbroken for approximately 250 km, and marks the divide with the Kruger Lowveld region of Mpumalanga.

God's Window View Home Banner
The lush setting of God’s Window in Mpumalanga.
Gods Window view point in the evening
The viewpoints are the perfect place for some quiet contemplation.

With three view sites linked by a paved footpath that is somewhat steep in sections, it is very easy to spend a relaxing hour or more enjoying the natural beauty at this stop. There are toilet facilities in the parking lot, and picnic areas and benches along the path. Near the top, the path meanders through a refreshing section of peaceful rain forest with a small stream running through it.

God's window walking path
The paved visitors walkway at God’s Window.
God's window walking trail stairway
The walkway can get steep towards the top!
God's window trail near Graskop
The peaceful rain forest at the top of the path.

It is best to visit God’s Window on a clear sunny day if you want to enjoy the view. There is a small (R10 – R50) per vehicle entry fee for visitors to God’s Window, payable in cash.

Why is it called God’s Window?

The original God’s Window is a perfectly rectangular-shaped hole in a rock face close to the current site. Unfortunately, it is on private land that is not accessible to the public, and so a new site was found.

Understanding why the current site of God’s Window was chosen is better experienced than explained. Situated more than 700 m high on the edge of the Drakensberg Escarpment, it overlooks a sweeping vista of the Kruger Lowveld region of Mpumalanga. Stand at a view site on the cliff edge, hold onto the railing if you feel a little unsteady at the intimidating drop just in front of you, and do your best to take it all in. As far as the eye can see there are forests, grasslands, distant mountains, blue skies and fresh sweet-smelling air.

Jill at God's Window view point
Hold on tight!

Accommodation near God’s Window

Exploring God’s Window and the other attractions of the Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve is easily a full day’s outing. Why not spend a night or two in the area and explore more of Mpumalanga’s Panorama Route?


During your stay, we’d recommend the waterfalls around Sabie and Graskop, especially this secret hike to the bottom of the Lisbon Falls. If you’re feeling energetic and want to explore the beautiful indigenous forest patches in the area, do part of or the full 5-day Fanie Botha hiking trail between Sabie and Graskop.

Mac Mac Pools in Mpumalanga
The Mac-Mac Pools between Sabie and Graskop is another popular stop along the Panorama Route.
Jill hiking the Fanie Botha trail South Africa
There is some spectacular hiking in the indigenous forest patches along the Fanie Botha hiking trail.

Map of God’s Window

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