Indo training on east coast winter waves

Exactly 2 weeks to go before we head for Indonesia and what better way to train for the coming days of endless surfing than with a winter session on the east coast of KwaZulu-Natal.

Here’s a short clip of what went down.

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Indo Training: Winter on the east coast

Winter days on the east coast of South Africa are simply the best! Blue skies, warm temperatures, and plenty of waves. It almost makes you wonder why you’d want to leave at all?

This weekend I took out my new mouth mount for another test session in Ballito. The conditions were absolutely perfect, and while the waves could have been a little bigger, it was a real gem of a session.

A few more days like this and I reckon we’re ready for Indo!

Here’s what I look like from the other side of the lens. All images courtesy of the legend: Bryan Paynter (Follow him here:

Training-for-Indo-Bevan-running-to-the-beach-in Ballito

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