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On the edge in the Krantzkloof Nature Reserve

The Krantzkloof Nature Reserve is one of those places I drive past all the time, but barely take the time to explore.

That needed to change! So Jill and I decided that it was time to give the reserve a little more of our attention. It also happened to be the perfect place for us to launch our series of hiking adventures with Salomon South Africa.

Here's a little video of what a day in the Krantzkloof Nature Reserve looks like.

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On the edge

We left the house at first light in the hope that we would watch sunrise from one of the view sites in the reserve. The lighting conditions are fantastic at this time of the day as the sun hits the crags in the gorge at just the right angle.

Speaking of crags, if you're going to visit the Krantzkloof Nature Reserve then prepare to find yourself on the edge of a few. Most of the hiking trails skirt along an edge of sorts. These generally have no hand rails or safety barriers so take care if you're hiking in windy conditions, with children...or with me (I tend to be scared of heights).

Jill on the edge Krantzkloof Nature Reserve
Jill flirts with the edge.

Where waterfalls meet

As we meandered along the many trails the one thing that really struck me about the Krantzkloof Nature Reserve is the sheer number of waterfalls that are around. It's as if all the rivers in KwaZulu-Natal decided to converge on this one gorge at the same time and then leap off the edge together.

If the waterfalls don't get you, then the view sites definitely will. These are in plentiful supply as well, so finding one isn't difficult. In fact, if I had to summarise my experience in the Krantzkloof Nature Reserve, it would be: "Hey look, a view site! And how about that waterfall?"

Everything aside though, the Krantzkloof Nature Reserve is a real gem tucked away in the middle of suburbia. I found myself stopping a number of times, admittedly because of my lack of fitness, but nonetheless, spellbound by the sheer beauty of this incredible piece of South Africa.

Krantzkloof Nature Reserve waterfall view
Another view of another waterfall.
Krantzkloof Nature Reserve Kloof Falls
Another waterfall.
Krantzkloof Nature Reserve Nkutu Falls guessed it.

A few things to consider

Before we left on our adventure in the gorge, we were warned by a number of people that the reserve is not entirely safe. Unfortunately this is true to an extent and there are areas of the reserve that should be avoided. However, most of the paths we found were busy and in well-guarded areas so we felt safe the entire time we were out there.

The Krantzkloof Nature Reserve is also an awesome place for families. The many picnic sites and swimming areas make it a great place to bring the kids and enjoy some time outdoors.

Map of the Krantzkloof Nature Reserve

What to pack

Check out our full post on all the day hike essentials we pack.

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Krantzkloof Nature Reserve Jill and Bevan
Getting familiar with the edge.
Krantzkloof Nature Reserve View of Durban
Sunrise from the Krantzkloof Nature Reserve is breathtaking.
Krantzkloof Nature Reserve Rock Caves
Taking some time out.
Krantzkloof Nature Reserve Zebras
Oh, and there are zebras.
Krantzkloof Nature Reserve Molweni River Bed
The Molweni riverbed.
Krantzkloof Nature Reserve Jill Hiking
Jill in the forest.
Krantzkloof Nature Reserve
Endless trails, endless views, endless adventure.

What to do next

Bonus: We've created dozens of adventure guides just like this. Join our family of avid adventure seekers and get access to ALL of our adventure guides.

Find a place to stay near the Krantzkloof Nature Reserve

There is quite a large area surrounding the Kranztkloof Nature Reserve so you can stay in any number of places that have access to the reserve. The best places are in Kloof, Hillcrest and Waterfall. Use the booking tool below to find available places nearby.

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