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Mouth mount test: Durban bodyboarding session

Today marks 18 days to go until we leave for Indonesia and the first league of our epic adventure, so I though I’d celebrate by testing my new mouth mount.

Mouth mount view of Durban

Indonesia is one of the premier surfing destinations in the world and attracts scores of hapless, would-be surfers and bodyboarders (like me) in search of the “best waves of their lives.”  And, much like everyone else who’s ever gone, I really do plan on getting the best waves of my life.

Getting fit and ready

To prepare for the daily, 8-hour sessions I’m hoping for, I’ve been hard at work getting fit and in shape. My training regime consists of various cardio workouts as well as breath-holding exercises which should see me in good stead on those bigger days.

Testing the new camera gear and mouth mount

Other than extreme amounts of sun cream, the next item at the top of the packing list is travel filmmaking and camera gear. What good would getting the world’s best waves be if you can’t send pictures and videos home to all your mates and make them jealous? Fortunately, our sponsors Rayne have hooked us up with their epic little action camera the Rayne One, which I have been using for the past few weeks.

This morning I tested out the mouth mount for the first time and I’m super stoked with the results. This is definitely my favourite angle so far.

Rayne Camera with mouth mount
Rayne Camera with mouth mount

Surfing with the mouth mount was also a lot easier than I expected, unlike some of the other mounts I’ve tried that tend to get in the way and make you suck at surfing.

Having the camera in your mouth all-session-long does take some getting used to, but once you’re on the wave, you hardly notice it’s there. Plus the soft, squishy mouth piece gives you something to clench your teeth into when you hit the lip.

Here’s a little clip of me bodyboarding in Durban this morning to see how it looks.

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