KwaZulu-Natal’s favourite beach holiday town.

Ballito is a booming coastal suburb that is home to the idyllic coastal lifestyle. Soft sandy beaches, interesting rock pools and a warm coastal atmosphere make Ballito a great place to dial things back a notch and enjoy some time in the sun.

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  • Stunning swimming beaches.
  • Ballito boardwalk promenade.
  • Tidal pools.
  • World class surfing
  • Holiday town vibe.


Ballito is a very popular coastal town that is famous for it’s excellent swimming and surfing beaches. The beaches are protected by shark nets and there are lifeguards posted at many of the beaches in the town. The most popular swimming beach is Willard Beach in the centre of town.

The Ballito Boardwalk is a 4km long promenade that stretches from Salmon Bay in the south to Willard Beach. It’s a great place to get some exercise in the early mornings, or find a place to sit on a bench and take in the sunrise.

There are a number of swimming beaches in Ballito, however, the main beach is called Willard Beach and is protected by shark nets and lifeguards.

It’s worth noting that, while there are a few excellent swimming beaches in town, there are also sections of the coastline that are extremely dangerous for swimmers. Strong rip currents, longshore drifts and powerful waves are dangerous hazards, so be sure to go to a beach that in overseen by lifeguards and only swim in demarcated areas between the flags.

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