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Let’s help people explore outdoor…more.

We believe that people have an innate connection to the outdoors and even something as simple as a breath of fresh air is uplifting.

We believe that people who regularly immerse themselves in a natural, outdoor environment are happier, healthier and have a better quality of life.

We want to promote and enable this lifestyle.

Who we are

We are a family team who love the outdoors and sharing our knowledge and recommendations with others.

A project close to our hearts…

We started Stray Along The Way in 2016 as a way to document our 9 month road trip around South Africa.

What grew from that early project is a vibrant ecosystem of outdoor resources to help inspire and educate people looking for a lifestyle filled with adventure.

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Bevan Langley

Adventure tour guide for 10 years throughout southern and eastern Africa.

Profile picture of Bevan Langley

Jill Langley

Marine Biologist, travel writer and outdoor adventurer.

Profile picture of Bevan Langley


We spent 9 months exploring and documenting adventures throughout South Africa.

What is Stray Along the Way?

Stray Along The Way is a store of all of our outdoor and adventure recommendations.

These recommendations come in two forms:

Adventure Guides

Detailed descriptions of specific adventures containing videos, images, interactive maps, important contacts and service providers.

See an example –>

Adventure Resources

General guides on outdoor related topics like hiking, surfing, river tracing with loads of videos, images, descriptions and FAQs.

See an example –>

These Adventure Guides and Resources are curated into Repositories which are organised by:






(Salomon Hike Club)

This makes all our content easy to find and highly relevant to what our users are looking for. We distribute our content throughout our extensive ecosystem of online properties which are both great for our audience and partners alike.

Our ecosystem

Our ecosystem includes a number of thriving online properties including…


Our website is the hub of our online presence and is where we house all of our Adventure Guides and resources.

  • Dozens of info-packed Adventure Guides.
  • High quality photos and videos.
  • 6,000+ monthly users.
  • Multiple pages on the first page of Google’s results pages.

Email list

Our email list is an audience of outdoor and adventure enthusiast who want more from us.

  • Weekly adventure emails.
  • 2,000+ email subscribers.
  • High engagement and interaction.
  • Great open and clicks rates.

YouTube Channel

Our YouTube channel is our main video platform where we put out our long-form video guides and resources.

  • 44,000+ subscribers.
  • 10m+ channel views.
  • Long-form adventure guides and resources.
  • Helpful resources and links in our descriptions.

People we’ve worked with

Here are just a few of the brands and organizations we’ve worked with in the past.

“It is great hosting you on the West Coast and the return on investment we are getting from it is well worth it ?”

Kiewiet van Rooyen
Tourism Manager at West Coast Tourism

“Our experiences in working with Stray Along The Way have been nothing but perfect. We would like to thank Bevan & Jill Langley for the way they showcased what the Cape West Coast has on offer.”

Gurshell Abrahams
Tourism Marketing Officer at West Coast District Municipality

Ways to work with us

We’d love to talk more about all the ways we can work together. Here are some of the possibilities we currently have on offer:

We’re also open to new ideas and opportunities, so feel free to get in touch with us at: